The Secret Family of Pancho Villa

An Oral History

By Rubén Osorio

Translated by John Kligemann

978-0-9647629-8-5 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
256 pp. 24 b&w photos., Map.
Pub Date: 03/21/2005


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The Secret Family of Pancho Villa: An Oral History, presents the results of an investigation into the uncertain social origin in Durango, Mexico, of Jose Doroteo Arango better known as Francisco “Pancho” Villa, the Mexican Revolutionary. For this reason, the research has to do with the daily and private lives of numerous men and women from different social levels who lived in the Porfirian-era state of Durango during the end of the nineteenth century and revolutionary Mexico at the beginning of the twentieth century. The research delves into the social, familial, and personal relationships of these people and brings them to light.

Published by Center for Big Bend Studies