Covering the Campus

The History of The Chronicle of Higher Education

978-0-929398-97-6 Paperback
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164 pp. 17 photos.
Pub Date: 12/01/1995


In its twenty-nine years, The Chronicle of Higher Education has become recognized internationally as the premier news publication in higher education. This first comprehensive history of The Chronicle melds a quarter-century of higher education and journalism milestones.

As the newspaper gained its editorial footing, Vietnam War protests were gaining momentum nationwide, placing one of journalism’s most dramatic contemporary reporting challenges on college and university campuses. Over its two-and-a-half decades-plus, The Chronicle has been at Kent State, Tiananmen Square, and presidential inaugurations.

The newspaper has discussed many issues in the higher education community, including leadership, campus race relations, gender-equity, multiculturalism, and AIDS. It has led journalism’s investigations into such serious subjects as college athletics scandals, as well as infusing lighter and artistic touches into its pages with such features as “Marginalia” and “End Paper.” The “Bulletin Board” classified section has become recognized as the international job marketplace for higher education.

Covering the Campus records the establishment of The Chronicle; the development of its newsgathering, advertising, and marketing operations; contributions of key personnel; editorial philosophy; overview of the coverage of the major issues in higher education; the publication’s potential future roles in communications.

Published by University of North Texas Press