A Woman's Odyssey

Journals, 1976-1992

978-0-929398-74-7 Cloth
6 x 9 x 0 in
312 pp.
Pub Date: 09/01/1994


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A hippie antiwar protester turned antitrust lawyer tells of coming of age in the 80s. Politics and passion are spiked with humor and searching in this compelling tale of a modern woman's journey to life's middle years. From shooting deer in Texas to shooting pictures in the Himalayas, from enduring the dating scene to becoming a mother, from hitch-hiking alone in Guatemala to traveling with Bill and Hillary Clinton on the pre-election Texas bus trip, Aaker's world is real and deeply honest.

Although the specific details are only one woman's experiences, this book is, in a sense, the story of every woman who came of age at the start of the women's movement in the 70s. It chronicles the win/loss cycles faced by any woman who chooses to have both career and family.

Entry from 1978: When I read of pollution and inflation and Rhodesia and Nicaragua, chills runs down my body and I'm scared, thinking of the world to come, my own financial insecurity, and whether I really want to bring a child into this world. What will happen to me if I don't become more responsible? It's all fine to be a young “hippie-type” bureaucrat/lawyer. But will that be enough at fifty, and with the responsibility for another human being? Not giant worries, but sobering thoughts in the midst of my life-for-the-moment world.

Published by University of North Texas Press