Staying Power

How to Get the B.S.* Out of College

978-0-929398-65-5 Paperback
7 x 10 x 0 in
166 pp.
Pub Date: 03/01/1994


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Registrars and Deans of Students have judged this book extremely useful for their offices as well as counseling and testing centers, reading and study skills classes and athletic departments. This book contains exact instructions on how to earn the diploma you want—avoiding delays and following the quickest route to your goal.

Who Needs This Book?

Freshmen or returning students needing to learn their way around the college maze. Sophomores trying to complete the hazardous “foundation years” filled with required courses and tempting electives. Juniors who have managed to survive the “flunk 'em out” years, and now must make final choices in their majors and minors. Seniors who need to get their credit hours and college deadlines in proper order so they can amaze their families by graduating on time.

“Perpetual Seniors” who need to identify their mistakes and find the direct route to the bachelor's degree. Students With Families , who need help managing their time and resources. Friends and Relatives of students in any of the above categories, who want to give the “key to success” as a gift.

Published by University of North Texas Press