When I was Just Your Age

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Pub Date: 01/01/1992


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Historians tell us that history is gathered from documents, artifacts and memory. Of these three elements, memory is the one that serves best when the subject is childhood. When I Was Just Your Age gathers the memories of thirteen oldtimers of various racial backgrounds and occupations, to chronicle what it was like to grow up in a profoundly different era.

This reconstruction of the childhood lives of the famous and the not-so-famous reveals not only everyday life but also the beliefs of the time, the responses to the land, the sense of community, and the impact of these things over a lifetime.

These stories speak eloquently for a value structure that has all but vanished throughout this country. They reflect both the landscape and the "mindscape" prevalent during the early part of this century. For children, these remembrances will build bridges to understanding and set models of service and commitment. For adults, they will be of interest and guidance to reassess contemporary values.

Includes a how-to guide for collecting oral history and an activity section for use in the classroom.

Published by University of North Texas Press