A History to Remember

TCU in Purple, White, and Black

978-0-87565-845-2 Hardcover (Printed Case)
9 x 9 x 0 in
224 pp. 110 photos. Index.
Pub Date: 04/07/2023
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The first of its kind, this book chronicles and contextualizes the underexplored history of African American memory at TCU. It focuses specifically upon the understudied role of Black Americans within TCU lore from many perspectives: students, staff, faculty, administrators, and alumni. TCU in Purple, White, and Black explores the academic, athletic, artistic, and cultural impact of a group of people that was not formally included in the university for nearly the first century of its existence, and is an honest look at the history of segregation, integration, and inclusion of Black Americans at TCU. Anyone interested in race relations, the function of memory, and North Texas history will find the text and its layered analytical approach appealing.

Published by Texas Christian University Press