Honors at TCU

Celebrating Fifty Years of Achievement

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192 pp. 70 photos.
Pub Date: 05/02/2019


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Celebrating Fifty Years of Achievement: Honors at TCU traces the history and impact of Honors at TCU from its beginning as a small program in the early 1960s through the present day, highlighting how its courses and cocurricular activities not only enrich student learning but also campus culture. A unique resource for anyone interested in Honors education, this volume examines how various TCU administrators, faculty, and students imagined, created, and adapted a program and then a college to enhance TCU’s educational experiences.

Much of the material in this book was gathered as part of an Honors oral history project. Honors students interviewed dozens of administrators, faculty, staff, students, and alumni, whose words they then transcribed, edited, and annotated. Thus Celebrating Fifty Years of Achievement is a uniquely collaborative book filled with multiple voices, perspectives, and events. Combined with editorial introductions and descriptions, these voices explore course development and curriculum initiatives, student research and creativity, cocurricular activities and events, experiential learning, and community building.  As its title indicates, this book celebrates a half century of commitment and accomplishment in Honors education at TCU.

Beginning with a foreword by Chancellor Victor J. Boschini Jr. and a preface by Provost R. Nowell Donovan, this book traces Honors from its earliest discussions to its current status as the John V. Roach Honors College and is filled with stories and photos from those involved in all areas of Honors at TCU. Yet Celebrating 50 Years of Achievement is not simply about the past but looks forward to the future, concluding with a section of advice to future Honors students and an epilogue by Dr. Diane Snow, Wassenich Endowed Family Chair and dean of the John V. Roach Honors College, who outlines goals of Honors in the future.

Published by Texas Christian University Press