Learning through a PRISM

Facilitating Student Intercultural Learning Abroad

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128 pp. 26 color illus. Bib.
Pub Date: 07/05/2018


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In the emerging field of intercultural competence, this book is one of the first to propose a pedagogical framework and provide both the theory and tools to implement it. With the increased focus on educating students to be global citizens, Learning through a PRISM offers a deeper understanding of intercultural competence and an intentional and academic approach to intercultural experiences.  

This book introduces the PRISM, an academically grounded and experientially driven pedagogy for faculty who aim to design courses and experiences that holistically develop students’ intercultural competence. It provides concrete tools and academic framing, and includes suggested readings, adaptable assignments, and clear rubrics. While the book focuses on study abroad settings, its concepts and resources can be broadly adapted to any course focused on the development of intercultural competence.

The PRISM will challenge faculty and students to engage, interact, and create meaning in study abroad, intercultural, and global contexts.

Published by Texas Christian University Press