Restaurantes, rumba y más

A Gringo's Guide to Latino Fort Worth

978-0-87565-598-7 Paperback
4.5 x 6.5 x 0 in
96 pp.
Pub Date: 10/17/2014


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Taking us well off the beaten path, Peter Szok leads readers on a cultural journey that will make your stomach—and heart—hunger for more.

Szok sets the stage by suggesting that Fort Worth is more than just cowboys and world-class museums, but also a city with a rich immigrant heritage. With mouthwatering depictions, he highlights the best Latino restaurants serving foods like birria, cabrito, buche, and pupusas.

Szok visits flea markets, boxing gyms, and tailors and offers insights into musical genres such as banda, tribal, bachata, and norteño.  He directs revelers to trendy bars and raucous transvestite shows, and discusses fashion crazes like the recent pointy boot (bota picuda) fad.  Throughout he weaves a sense of history, in descriptions of lowriders, barber shops, murals, botánicas, and churches. The book concludes with a calendar of events, including St. Cecilia’s feast day and the Blessing of the Mariachis. Offering so much to explore, A Gringo’s Guide will encourage anyone to fall in love with Fort Worth.

Published by Texas Christian University Press