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320 pp.
Pub Date: 03/15/2013

Inspired by his parents’ love for the written word, former Speaker of the House Jim Wright developed a passion for books and writing at a young age. During his thirty-four years as a US Congressman and two years as Speaker of the House, written communication continued to play an integral role in Wright’s life as he developed an increased understanding of the power of words.

Through a sampling of some of Wright’s finest work, The Wright Stuff follows the major elements in Wright’s political career, ideological development, and philosophical thought. A prolific and accomplished writer, Wright possesses the keen ability to properly contextualize historic events while providing enduring lessons in governance and life. 

In addition to offering a unique perspective on Wright’s contemporaries and the leaders of today, this compilation of speeches, essays, and excerpts from his previous work addresses many of the major national and international events of the twentieth century. Additionally, this book chronicles a more personal narrative through Wright’s reflection on the most important influence of his young life—his parents—and shares some of the key lessons he learned during his service with the US Air Corps during World War II.

Generously illustrated with photographs, The Wright Stuff allows readers to celebrate the many accomplishments of Speaker Wright, and, through his eyes, to gain a greater understanding of many of the signature events of the twentieth century.


Published by Texas Christian University Press