David M. Parsons

New and Selected Poems

978-0-87565-395-2 Cloth (Unjacketed)
6 x 9 x 0 in
96 pp.
Pub Date: 08/15/2012


  • Cloth (Unjacketed) $15.95
Dave Parsons’s straightforward, vivid writing brings settings alive, shaping intimate portrayals of everyday life. His poetry speaks from the past and the present, balancing ordinary and extraordinary experiences. In this eclectic volume, the reader will find selections of his most celebrated work: award-winning poems found in as diverse locales as a romantic, historic house in England to another favorite about the poet running into President Lyndon Johnson in an iconic Austin restaurant. His latest works are also included with new revelations that will bring what has become a Parsons Poem trademark, the rewarding discovery of a transforming moment.
Award-winning poetry critic Ange Mlinko writes of Parsons and his work, “It is deeply informed by English and American literature. There is no artificial barrier between art and life, love and intellect. The Renaissance man was once a courtly ideal; Parsons shows that it is a democratic ideal too—warm-blooded, muscular, as companionable on the page as in the flesh.” Both tangible and cerebral, Parsons’s poetry lifts its readers into a new, transformational reality with a depth of insight that is truly exceptional.

TCU Texas Poets Laureate Series

Published by Texas Christian University Press