Texas Football Legends

Greats of the Game

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83 pp. 38 color & b&w photos.
Pub Date: 09/02/2008


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Heisman Trophy winners, All-Americans, All-Pros, MVPs and record-setters have, throughout the glamorous history of football in Texas, been all but commonplace. For decades, one set of superstars routinely replaces another, constantly adding to the proud legacy of the state’s favorite sport. In Texas Football Legends you’ll meet the cream of a rich and talented crop, reliving those days when they climbed to stardom from high school stadiums in out-of-the-way places to the Saturday afternoon cheers as collegians, and finally in the celebrated ranks of professional football.

As you read of their individual deeds, you’ll hear the cherished echoes of championship games won and lost, high goals achieved and adversities overcome. Borrowing from a long-used cliché, in Texas, football has been elevated to a form of religion. That said, this collection of biographies of the greatest of the great serves as the game’s Sunday Best.

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Published by Texas Christian University Press