Updating the Literary West

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Pub Date: 09/01/1997


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“Western writers,” says Thomas J. Lyon in his epilogue to Updating the Literary West, “have grown up with the frontier myth but now find themselves in the early stages of creating a new western myth.”

The editors of the Literary History of the American West (TCU Press, 1987) hoped that the first volume would begin, not conclude, their exploration of the West’s literary heritage. Out of this hope comes Updating the Literary West, a comprehensive reference anthology including essays by over one hundred scholars. A selected bibliography is included with each piece.

In the ten years since publication of LHAW, western writing has developed a significantly larger presence in the national literary stream. A variety of cultural viewpoints have developed, along with new tactics for literary study. New authors have risen to prominence, and the range of subjects has changed and widened. Updating the Literary West looks at topics ranging from western classics to cowboys and Cadillacs and considers children’s literature, ethnicity, environmental writing, gender issues and other topics in which change has been rapid since publication of LHAW. This volume again affirms the West’s literary legitimacy—status hard earned by the Western Literary Association—and the lasting place of popular western writing as part of the growing and changing literary—and American—experience. An excellent reference for a wide range of readers and an invaluable resource for scholars and libraries.

Selected list of contributors:

James Maguire

Fred Erisman

Susan J. Rosowski

Gerald Haslam

Tom Pilkington

A. Carl Bredahl

Richard Slotkin

John G. Cawelti

Robert F. Gish

Ann Ronald

Mick McAllister

Published by Texas Christian University Press