Stanley Marcus

A Life with Books

978-0-87565-147-7 Paperback
8 x 11. 150 pp. B&w photos., Notes.
Pub Date: 06/01/1995


  • Paperback $17.95
First published in a limited, fine-press edition by Still Point Press in 1993, Stanley Marcus: A Life with Books sparkles with the names of literary history, most but not all of them Texans—Tom Lea, Henry Nash Smith, J. Evetts Haley, Alfred Knopf, José Cisneros, Elizabeth Ann McMurray and McMurray’s Personal Bookstore, E. L. DeGolyer, Paul Horgan, and a host of others. Writing with skill and graceful style, David Farmer chronicles Marcus’ early fascination with books during his Harvard years, his founding of the Book Club of Texas, his friendship with J. Frank Dobie and his working relationship with El Paso’s Carl Hertzog, his own books—Minding the Store and Quest for the Best, and his Somesuch Press, noted for publishing exquisite miniature books.

Published by Texas Christian University Press