Tejanos and Texas under the Mexican Flag, 1821-1836
Texas History
6 x 9, 184 pp.
2 b&w photos., 1 line drawing., 4 maps., 13 tables., Gloss.
Pub Date: 07/01/1994
Centennial Series of the Association of Former Students, Texas A&M University
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Published by Texas A&M University Press

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1995 Kate Broocks Bates Award, presented by the Texas State Historical Associaton
1994 Presidio la Bahia Award, presented by the Sons of the Republic of Texas
1994 T.R. Fehrenbach Award, presented by the Texas Historical Commission

Tejanos and Texas under the Mexican Flag, 1821-1836

By Andrés Tijerina

Historians have amply recorded the battles and the Anglo-Americans' military, economic, and political domination of the Mexican lands after 1836. But few studies have documented the reverse flow in the interchange while Anglo and Mexican co-existed under the Mexican flag in the previous years. Andrés Tijerina's book, focusing on Texas between 1821 and 1836, provides background facts for a better understanding of the exchange of land, power, culture, and social institutions that took place between the Anglo-American frontier and the Hispanic frontier during those critical years. To be sure, the dramatic shift in land and resources greatly affected the Mexican, but it had its effect on the Anglo American as well. After the 1820s, many of the Anglo-American pioneers changed from buckskin-clad farmers to cattle ranchers who wore boots and "cowboy" hats. They learned to ride heavy Mexican saddles mounted on horses taken from the wild mustang herds of Texas. They drove great herds of longhorns north and westward, spreading the Mexican life-style and ranch economy as they went. With the cattle ranch went many words, practices, and legal principles that had been developed long before by the native Mexicans of Texas--the Tejanos. In this book, Andrés Tijerina documents the two-way cultural exchange in the years under the Mexican flag. It describes the basic institutions of Tejano life and culture, and it documents their transmission to the Anglo-American frontier. The work is a foundation for the study of the early Mexican-American culture in Texas and its influence on Texans of all ethnic backgrounds.

Andrés Tijerina holds degrees from Texas A&M University, Texas Tech University, and the University of Texas. He is currently an assistant professor in the history department at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas.

What Readers Are Saying:

"Anyone who thinks Texas history began with Stephen F. Austin will learn a great deal from Tijerina's book." --Brazosport Facts

" . . . highly recommended for students of the borderlands. It describes and interprets the state's Hispanic cultural legacy." --Fronteras, newsletter of the Greater Southwestern Studies and the History of

"Andrés Tijerina's book fills a void in the historiography of Texas history." --Colonial Latin American Historical Review

"A secondary theme, but one of considerable value,is a description of the role of Tejanos in political affairs. . . . Tijerina is cautious and convincing in presenting his views." --Review of Texas Books

"The book has some outstanding strengths. It provides an excellent analysis of the racial and geographic origins of the Tejanos. The discussion of local government in pre-1836 Texas is the best in print, as is the treatment of the problems arising from Texas' administrative attachment to Coahuila. . . . This is neither contributionist history nor victim-studies; Tijerina's Tejanos are neither unsung heroes nor oppressed victims." --Journal of the Early Republic

"This important book will serve as a landmark volume in the study of Mexican-Texans." --L. T. Cummins

" . . . fascinating reading." --Texas Aggie

" . . . an impressive work." --The Americas

" . . . a landmark book detailing the far-reaching Tejano influence on the ensuing history of the West. Tejanos and Texas . . . offers a fascinating interpretation of the significant ways in which contact with Tejanos altered Anglo frontier institutions." --True West

"Tijerina has crafted a meticulously researched book, drawing from Spanish and Mexican archives to elucidate a neglected topic. . . . required reading for those who seek a better understanding of Mexican Texas." --American Historical Review


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