Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas
Borderlands Studies - Texas History - Mexican American Studies - Western History
5 x 9, 280 pp.
13 b&w photos. Index.
Pub Date: 01/12/2010
Elma Dill Russell Spencer Series in the West and Southwest
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Published by Texas A&M University Press

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2010 Clotilde P. Garcia Tejano Book Prize- Honorable Mention, presented by the Tejano Genealogy Society of Austin

Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas

Edited by Jesús F. de la Teja

Tejanos (Texans of Mexican heritage) were instrumental leaders in the life and development of Texas during the Mexican period, the war of independence, and the Texas Republic.

Jesús F. de la Teja and ten other scholars examine the lives, careers, and influence of many long-neglected but historically significant Tejano leaders who were active and influential in the formation, political and military leadership, and economic development of Texas.

In Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas, lesser-known figures such as Father Refugio de la Garza, Juan Martín Veramendi, José Antonio Saucedo, Raphael Manchola, and Carlos de la Garza join their better-known counterparts—José Antonio Navarro, Juan Seguín, and Plácido Benavides, for example—on the stage of Texas and regional historical consideration.

This book also features a foreword by David J. Weber, in which he discusses how Anglocentric views allowed important Tejano figures to fade from public knowledge. Students and scholars of Texas and regional history, those interested in Texana, and readers in Latino/a studies will glean important insights from Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas.

Jesús F. de la Teja is a past president of the Texas State Historical Association. He is a professor and chair of the Department of History at Texas State University–San Marcos.

What Readers Are Saying:

"Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas is one of the most impressive books I have read in years.  Thoroughly researched by eleven eminent scholars, the book is incisive and balanced, as well as revelatory and absorbing.  Academic and general readers will love these ingenious and incisive biographical sketches of leading Tejanos in what is undeniably the most crucial era of Texas history."--Jerry Thompson, Regents Professor of History, Texas A&M International University

"Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas is a major step in filling in gaps in our understanding of this important period in Texas History. This collection of essays, written by some of the most respected scholars in the field, presents readers with a clear picture of the lives and roles of native Texans who lived in a tumultuous age. It's destined to become a standard."--Richard Bruce Winders, historian and curator, The Alamo

“It is nearly criminal that we have had so little reliable biographical work on the major leaders of Mexican and Revolutionary Texas. With this book, that all changes. It is a major achievement.”—Gregg Cantrell, professor of history, Texas Christian University

"These carefully researched and well-documented chapters of varying length are more integrated than often happens in an edited work, with connections and interactions shown among key figures. Thoughtful conjecture is provided as to their motives behind the actions of these Tejano leaders. Another strong point is that the contributors do not assume extensive knowledge on the part of the reader but provide necessary background and context. Tejano Leadership in Mexican and Revolutionary Texas is a valuable addition to the growing diverse historiography on the Southwest. Through effective use of the biographical approach, de la Teja and the other notable scholars involved in this project have produced an edited work that is greater than the sum of its parts."--Harriett Denise Joseph, The Journal of Southern History


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