Special Needs, Special Horses
A Guide to the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding
Medical Humanities
6 x 9, 240 pp.
25 b&w photos. Gloss. Notes.
Pub Date: 05/10/2005
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Published by University of North Texas Press

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Doubleday Equestrian Book Club Selection, 2006

Special Needs, Special Horses

A Guide to the Benefits of Therapeutic Riding

By Naomi Scott
Foreword by J. Warren Evans

A growing number of individuals with special needs are discovering the benefits of therapies and activities involving horseback riding. Special Needs, Special Horses, by Naomi Scott, offers information about the amazing results possible with therapeutic riding, or hippotherapy. From recreational riding for individuals with disabilities, to the competitions some riders enter (and win), Scott describes the various techniques of the process and its benefits to the physically and mentally challenged.

The book explores the roles of the instructors, physical therapists, volunteers, and the horses, and explains carriage driving, vaulting, and educational interactions with horses. Scott profiles individuals involved in the therapy, including clients whose special needs arose from intrauterine stroke, cerebral palsy, transverse myelitis, Parkinson’s disease, paralysis, sensory integration dysfunction, multiple sclerosis, shaken baby syndrome, sensory damage, stroke, seizures, infantile spasms, Down syndrome, and autism. Special Needs, Special Horses is an excellent guide for the families of the many who do—or could—enjoy improved lives from therapeutic riding. It will also appeal to practitioners of therapeutic riding as an overview of their profession.

Naomi Scott is a volunteer in a therapeutic riding program at Rocky Top Therapy Center in Keller, Texas. She is the former assistant editor of two magazines for the Quarter Horse racing industry and a freelance writer and photographer in the equine field. She lives near Dallas, Texas.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Therapeutic riding opened new doors for my daughter. When all other sports were taken away from her I was so excited to find horseback therapy. And it allowed me to be involved with her. This book is a must read for parents struggling with therapy problems.” --Michelle Hartman, mother of a child born with a hip disorder

“This book sheds light on the marvelous and life-changing impact horses can offer when ordinary people are faced with extraordinary life challenges. It is a factual and gripping overview of the exciting field of equine assisted activities and a must read for anyone interested in the healing relationship between people and animals. It is well-researched and expertly combines the facts with inspiring stories.” --Michael Kaufmann, former Director of Education and Communication, North Ameri

“The horse has always had a tremendous potential to aid in the healing process in the human. As humans we are just beginning to understand how to harness that potential. This book is an important look into that process, and Naomi Scott has done an excellent job of helping all of us to better understand that process.” --Tim Jobe, Cal Farley's Boys Ranch and Board Member of the Equine Assisted Gro


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