Slow Moving Dreams
6 x 9, 192 pp.
Pub Date: 08/25/2011
Price:        $22.95

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Published by Texas Christian University Press

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Slow Moving Dreams

Tom Hardy

Tom Hardy’s new novel, Slow Moving Dreams, tells the story of Tom Carter, a city man who is forced by the death of a cousin to return to his rural roots in West Texas. Hardy takes his readers along two journeys in this novel: the first is the physical journey that Tom takes as he drives to the funeral in Alpine, and the second is an exploration of Tom’s life as a child growing up in the country that the adult Tom is now passing through.  But not all of those memories are happy ones, as Tom and his cousins soon find out. The funeral starts to unravel a dark secret that could change everything Tom thought he knew about his family.
Hardy breathes life into all of his characters with his witty dialogue and nostalgic memory sequences. Slow Moving Dreams is a story of homecoming and family bonds that, in this age of consumerism and technology, is a refreshing change of pace. For those familiar with the lifestyle of the modern cowboy, the life Tom Carter remembers is a reminder of the old days, when nature provided everything one could ever need. But all readers, new to the cowboy’s world or not, are in for a fun, heart-warming tale as they follow Tom’s exploration of his past and realizations about his future.

TOM HARDY is a native Texan, the son of a father who left home at thirteen to become a working cowboy and a mother of Cherokee lineage. He was born and raised in Fort Stockton and Alpine in far West Texas. He attended Sam Houston State University on an athletic scholarship and majored in business administration. After ten years as a teacher and coach at the high school and college levels, he returned to school and received a master’s degree in Health Care Administration from Trinity University in San Antonio and moved into hospital administration.  

As he was making the transition to health care, he wrote his first novel, Unsportsmanlike Conduct, an unflattering view of college football, published in 1983. He and his wife Patricia have raised three children. Retirement from the corporate world has allowed him time to return to writing.  Slow Moving Dreams is his second novel, and he is working on his third. All of his books are set in West Texas where he was raised and continues to enjoy a love of the land and people who make West Texas special.


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