Sacrificed at the Alamo
Tragedy and Triumph in the Texas Revolution
Texas History
6 x 9, 168 pp.
6 B&W Illustrations. 5 maps. Notes. Index.
Pub Date: 02/02/2004
Military History of Texas Series
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Sacrificed at the Alamo

Tragedy and Triumph in the Texas Revolution

By Richard Bruce Winders

The Battle of the Alamo is one of the most compelling stories from American history. Students of the battle often wonder why William B. Travis and his small garrison were left alone to meet their fate at the hands of General Santa Anna. Author Richard B. Winders, the historian and curator at the Alamo, examines events that led to this epic struggle and concludes that in-fighting among the revolutionary leadership doomed the Alamo garrison.

The Texan victories of 1835 created discord among rebel leaders as various factions strove to direct the revolution to meet their own specific goals. That bickering resulted in an almost total breakdown of Texan military forces as individual commands were swept into the political battle. The democratic fervor of the 1830s worked against building a cohesive Texan Army and was largely responsible for the twin tragedies of the Alamo and Goliad.

Informative and provocative, Sacrificed at the Alamo will appeal to general readers as well as students of the classic battle and its important place in Texas history.

RICHARD BRUCE WINDERS, historian and curator of the Alamo, is the award-winning author of Mr. Polk's Army: American Military Experience in the Mexican War; Crisis in the Southwest: The United States, Mexico, and the Struggle Over Texas; and Davy Crockett: The Legend of the Wild Frontier.

What Readers Are Saying:

". . . enjoyable and thought-provoking book." --Western Historical Quarterly

"Do we need another book about the Alamo? At first I was prepared to say no, but reading Sacrificed at the Alamo has changed my mind. Winders has written an excellent introduction [and] general readers seeking a concise view of the Alamo and its role in the Texas Revolution will find this a good place to start." --Journal of Southern History

". . . a solid primer on the story of the Alamo." --Texas Books in Review

"Texas military history and Alamo devotees will want to read this book."—Review of Texas Books ". . . detailed and compelling." --East Texas Historical Journal

"Informative and provocative" --McCormick Messenger

". . . an excellent view . . . and well researched." --Gun Week

". . . deserves a prominent place in Alamo literature for its contribution to a better understanding of this fascinating episode in Texas history." --Southwestern Historical Quarterly

"The book will appeal to specialists . . . as well as to Alamo buffs, and should find a home in undergraduate classrooms." --Journal of Military History

"This is a remarkably well done book; excellent research and with conclusions accurately drawn. . . . a cohesive military and political analysis . . . that this reviewer has never seen in most previous studies." --Glenn M. Bussett

". . . a wonderfully succinct explanation of why two cultures and two views of government produced an inevitable clash." --Southwest BookViews


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