Private Black Colleges in Texas, 1865-1954
African American Studies - Texas History
6 x 9, 228 pp.
Pub Date: 04/01/1985
Texas A&M Southwestern Studies
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Private Black Colleges in Texas, 1865-1954

By Michael R. Heintze

Comparing the private black colleges of Texas with its public institutions and with other black colleges across the nation, Michael R. Heintze convincingly supports the revisionist view of these schools as valuable social institutions instead of the corrupt and inadequate imitations critics have called them. In his comparisons, Heintze discusses historical backgrounds, curricula, and finances. He concludes that despite poor financing, limited facilities, and shortages of teachers and equipment, the independent black colleges in Texas made vital, unique, and lasting contributions.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Adds to our understanding of an often overlooked institution, the private black college, and makes a valuable addition to the literature on blacks in Texas and on the history of higher education in the State." --Journal of Southern History

“Informative and interesting Reading." --Journal of Negro Education

"Serious students of southern history and Afro-American life will find Private Black Colleges a useful book . . . his book should enable us to comprehend better the role private education played in the black Community." --Southwestern Historical Quarterly


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