Mirabeau B. Lamar
Second President of Texas
7 x 9, 72 pp.
6 B&W Illustrations. Glossary. Index.
Pub Date: 09/01/2005
Stars of Texas Series
Price:        $17.95


Published by State House Press

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Mirabeau B. Lamar

Second President of Texas

Judy Alter
Illustrator Patrick Messersmith

Mirabeau B. Lamar: Second President of Texas tells the story of one Texas's important citizens. Lamar was a brave Texas hero during the Battle of San Jacinto in 1836 and the Mexican War of 1846. He was the first person to serve as vice president of the Republic of Texas and the second president, after Sam Houston. Lamar is known as the Father of Texas Education. A number of elementary and high schools across Texas are named Lamar in recognition of his early dedication to public schools, and Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas, is named for him. Lamar also is called the Poet President of Texas because he wrote many poems throughout his life, beginning when he was a boy in Georgia.


JUDY ALTER writes fiction and nonfiction for readers of all ages. In 2005, she received the Owen Wister Award for Lifetime Achievement from the Western Writers of America. She lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

PATRICK MESSERSMITH is a noted artist who resides in Dallas, Texas. He states, "as a native Texan, it's great to be a part of teaching the legacy of our state's heroes (who might not receive as much attention) to the younger generations."

What Readers Are Saying:

"The best way to build up a new generation of Texas history lovers is to produce books that appeal to young readers, and the good folks at State House Press are opening that door with a wonderful new series . . . 'The Stars of Texas Series' is going to be something to watch. . . . The books are fast-paced and interesting, allowing the student to quickly understand the customs and life ways of Texas history." --Texas Illustrated Magazine

"This large-print book has several enticing features for the young reader. Sidebars highlight bits of trivia . . . End matters include excerpts from two of Lamar's poems, a chronology of his life, a glossary, an annotated list of six books for further reading and five reliable websites, and an index. Five eloquent black-and-white drawings by Patrick Messersmith managed to convey history with a sense of motion—even his portraits make it seem as if Lamar has been caught in mid act. . . . Alter lets us see Lamar against the background of his era. With style and clarity, this book enables youngsters to understand a fairly complex character and his contribution to Texas history. Highly recommended for juvenile readers." --Review of Texas Books

"Alter's book makes excellent use of sidebars to impart valuable information, and includes a glossary, a timeline, and websites that hold additional information. Both comprehensive and highly readable for fourth graders, Mirabeau B. Lamar is an apt reminder of the contributions one man can make." --Gail Cooke

"If you need a gift for a child, try either of these books in the new Stars of Texas Series from State House." --Brazosport Facts

"Mirabeau B. Lamar is an excellent, youth-oriented introduction to one of early Texas' histories most important figures. This book, and others in the Stars of Texas series, offers not only excellent text, but a timeline, glossary, suggestions for further reading, websites, and an index." --Eclectic Homeschool On-line

". . . an excellent series." --The Manhattan Mercury

"One of the best parts of the book was the war for Texas independence, because the author explained why they were fighting. It was good that the poem Lamar wrote to Henrietta Moffitt is in the book, because it is nice to see how he felt. The book also taught me about why the wars with the Indians and Mexico happened, and the kids of things that happened in battle. The book also helped me know more about Sam Houston and who he was, what he did, and how he did it. I also learned that Mirabeau Lamar had friends and enemies in his life, and about the legend of him taking his wife to an Indian hut and caring for her after an accident. I would recommend this book for fourth graders and above." --Emma Barringer, Raguet Elementary School in Nacogdoches, Texas

". . . the children will be so engrossed in this well-written book, . . . that the kids will never realize they are reading something 'good for them.' They will only know that they are reading a good story." --Round-up Magazine

"…a much needed text for teaching the TEKS in Texas. . . . an excellent insight to Lamar. This will be great for meeting the fourth grade TEKS." --Leslie Woolsey, Region XI Educational Services Center

". . . easy reading, well researched and authentic, purposefully designed to attract children . . . to read real history made by real people during real life events. What better way to get children interested in reading, than preparing something like this to get their little eyes unglued form the television screen?" --The Manhattan Mercury


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