Mascot Mania
Spirit of Texas High Schools
Pub Date: 05/24/2005
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Published by Texas Review Press

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Mascot Mania

Spirit of Texas High Schools

Edited by Sabrina Barlow, Betty Burdett, Damien Carey, Urania Fung, Patricia Healy, Tamara Hill, Kelly Rowan, Christina Tonan and Gary Charles Wilkens

We've all heard that in Texas, high school sports are a religion. What is a religion without Spirit? This book takes a look at the Spirit behind the high schools of Texas—the Mascot that represents each school's "religion." We've discovered that Texans have everything from Bulldogs to Buttons and Panthers to Punchers to bolster team morale and liven the voice of the crowd. Laugh out loud as you peruse the origins of the zanier mascots, and feel that remembered surge of pride when you meet and read about the symbols we all grew up with.

SABRINA BARLOW, BETTY BURDETT, DAMIEN CAREY, URANIA FUNG, PATRICIA HEALY, TAMARA HILL, AMANDA HUFFER, KELLY ROWAN, CHRISTINA TONAN, and GARY WILKENS were all members of the ENG 533 Editing and Publishing course taught by Paul Ruffin at SHSU in the fall of 2004. All served as interns with The Texas Review and Texas Review Press.

What Readers Are Saying:

"Bulldogs and bulls, hornets and bumblebees, lions and panthers— what a menagerie we have here! Nothing is more sacred to the Texas high school than its mascot: Mess with the mascot, and you are in trouble. This amazing book is the most comprehensive presentation of Texas mascots ever published, and it belongs on every bookshelf in this great state." --Ty Cashion, author of Pigskin Pulpit

"We intend this book to serve as a fun and factual guide to the wide world of the Texas high school mascot and be a unique source of pleasure and pride for all those who have ever cheered on those Texas Eagles, Wildcats, Longhorns, Bulldogs, Mustangs and Hornets. Or even the Hippos, Gorillas, and Mighty Mites!" --from the Introduction, by Gary Wilkens


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