6 x 9, 160 pp.
Pub Date: 02/09/2011
Price:        $10.00


Published by Texas Review Press

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Sam Pickering

Journeys is a collection of essays in which Sam Pickering mulls traveling. He travels to Nova Scotia and New Zealand. He wanders the South and makes speeches in the Mid-West. He haunts libraries in hopes of stumbling across intriguing oddity.
As he meanders he ponders teaching and the natural world, especially the green minutiae of this last. In several essays he explores the classroom. In others he explores matters medical, in them finding the staff of life and humor.
Family and age are his closest companions, both bruising him at times but both making him smile. As he ages he wonders about his changing perception of Time, his thoughts bringing delight, however, not melancholy, as befits someone constitutionally happy.

SAM PICKERING is a native Tennessean who has spent most of his life in New England. He is also an inveterate wanderer, having spent years in the Mid-East, Britain, Canada, and most recently in Australia and New Zealand. He teaches English at the University of Connecticut and has written more than twenty books and two hundred articles. Years ago a reviewer said that reading Pickering was like “taking a walk with your oldest, wittiest friend.”



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