It’s a Long Way from Llano
The Journey of a Wildlife Biologist
6 x 9, 168 pp.
16 color photos., 22 b&w photos.
Pub Date: 09/01/2008
Price:        $29.95

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Published by Texas A&M University Press

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It’s a Long Way from Llano

The Journey of a Wildlife Biologist

By James G. Teer

Wildlife management around the world has changed drastically in the last fifty years, and veteran biologist James G. Teer was a trailblazer for much of that time. In this memoir, he looks back on his life and on the transformation of his profession. A pioneer in managing land for deer, Teer became truly global in his conservation efforts. From studying waterfowl in Manitoba and monitoring deer herds in the Texas Hill Country, Teer was propelled into the world of big ranches and African safaris, working for and traveling with Texas landowners while helping to build the reputation of the wildlife ecology program at Texas A&M University. As he reminisces, Teer gives homage to the men who mentored and taught him and to those whose friendships lasted a lifetime. He salutes his colleagues and his students, and he confirms his lifelong commitment to the care and stewardship of animals everywhere.

James G. Teer is professor emeritus of wildlife and fisheries sciences at Texas A&M University, where he was head of the department and held the Caesar Kleberg Chair in Wildlife Ecology. He received his Ph.D. in wildlife management and zoology from the University of Wisconsin. He was awarded the Leopold Medal in 1994 for his contributions to science and conservation. He was elected to the Texas Conservation Hall of Fame, receiving the Conservation Gold Medal in 2008.

What Readers Are Saying:

“After reading this, I would recommend this book as assigned reading for any aspiring student in wildlife biology. It is a wonderfully delightful and insightful story of one man who contributed immensely to his chosen profession. Jim Teer’s story and his forthright honesty in telling it should be an inspiration to all professional wildlife managers and anyone else with a love of the outdoors. This book should serve as a template for professional development and ideals for those students considering or just now embarking on a wildlife management career. Jim has always been one of my heroes. The book makes him even more so!”--Harry A. Jacobson, Professor Emeritus, Dept. of Wildlife & Fisheries, Mississippi State University

"I was enthralled by its autobiographical content."--Wildlife Management Institute

“Today, lots of people are interested in wildlife and conservation, including not just management professionals and wildlife science students, but also nature enthusiasts, wildlife watchers, hunters, ranchers, and other landowners. What has happened to hunting alone during Teer’s life will be of real interest to many in this audience. . . . Jim Teer is one of the true trailblazers in wildlife conservation and management. The many thousands of graduates who have found jobs in this field couldn’t have had the opportunities they’ve had without men like Teer leading the way. He opened doors for those biologists and range scientists, now routinely being hired not necessarily by ranchers or agencies, but by a new breed of Texas landowners looking to manage their land for recreation and enjoyment. Jim Teer is a role model and mentor to many, to those of us occupied in many related ‘outdoor’ endeavors, including me.” --David K. Langford, Texas Wildlife Association


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