The Homeless Christmas Tree
10 x 11, 42 pp.
20 full color drawings.
Pub Date: 10/14/2008
Price:        $19.95


Published by Texas Christian University Press

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The Homeless Christmas Tree

By Leslie Gordon
Illustrations by Court Bailey

“Of what use is one ugly little tree?”

Atop a windswept hill, a crooked little tree stands alone . . . until one Christmas Eve, when an old woman labors up the hill with a box of ornaments, and tells the tree that he is special. He is to be the official Christmas tree for all of the homeless people in the city below!

Year after year, colored balls and garland adorn the tree at Christmastime, but one year, the woman does not come. Will there be a Christmas for homeless? This story is based on actual events about a funny-looking mimosa tree that sits above a busy freeway in Fort Worth, Texas. A formerly homeless woman decorated the tree, year after year, so that the homeless would have a Christmas tree. When she died, neighbors took over the custom and now decorate it for Easter, Halloween, and other holidays as well. It can be seen on the north side of Interstate 30 near the Oakland exit.

Leslie M. Gordon lives in Fort Worth, Texas.

What Readers Are Saying:

“I have looked forward to seeing this lonely little tree decorated each Christmas season. Now, this story has been turned into a wonderful book for children everywhere.” --Kay Granger, U.S. Representative from the 12th Congressional District of Texa


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