Famous Trees of Texas
Texas A&M Forest Service Centennial Edition
Natural History - Texas History - Travel Guide
9 x 10, 188 pp.
186 color photos. Map. Index.
Pub Date: 01/21/2015
Price:        $35.00

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Published by Texas A&M University Press

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Famous Trees of Texas

Texas A&M Forest Service Centennial Edition

Gretchen Riley and Peter D. Smith

Famous Trees of Texas was first published in 1970 by the Texas Forest Service (now Texas A&M Forest Service), an organization created in 1915 and charged with protecting and sustaining the forests, trees, and other related natural resources of Texas.

For the 100-year anniversary of TFS, the agency presents a new edition of this classic book, telling the stories of 101 trees throughout the state.

Some are old friends, featured in the first edition and still alive (27 of the original 81 trees described in the first edition have died); some are newly designated, discovered as people began to recognize their age and value. All of them remain “living links” to the state’s storied past.

GRETCHEN RILEY is a staff forester and the urban forestry partnership coordinator at Texas A&M Forest Service (TFS), College Station, Texas. PETER D. SMITH is the urban forestry program manager at the Arbor Day Foundation and the former urban forestry program manager at TFS. He lives in Nebraska City, Nebraska.

What Readers Are Saying:

“By virtue of their shade and endurance, trees are most likely to be identified with historic places or events. Thanks to books like the original Famous Trees of Texas and, now, Famous Trees of Texas Centennial Edition, the popularity of these trees and interest in protecting them continues to grow. From the Goose Island Oak near Rockport estimated to be 1,100 years old to the Austin Moon Tree that made a trip to the moon and back, these trees have captivating stories to tell that literally span both space and time.”—Damon Waitt, Senior Director and Botanist, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center

"Famous Trees of Texas offers a compelling way to study the relationship between the state’s history and its environment, in addition to celebrating the hundredth anniversary of the Texas Forest Service. The one hundred trees featured in this book--those that have survived--provide historic enlightenment as well as always appreciated shade. But even those that have fallen still make their presence felt through this volume."Glenn Dromgoole, author and Texas book columnist

"Famous Trees is a master piece of richly colored photographs and interesting stories to accompany each outstanding picture. This is a book that anyone can be proud of."—Mexia Daily News

 “. . . a beautiful new coffee-table book. . . offers a compelling way to study the relationship between the state’s history and its environment.”—The Eagle


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