Deer of the Southwest
A Complete Guide to the Natural History, Biology, and Management of Southwestern Mule Deer and White-Tailed Deer
6 x 9, 204 pp.
12 color photos., 28 b&w photos., 5 line art., 3 maps., 19 tables., 3 graphs.
Pub Date: 09/08/2006
Price:        $24.95


Published by Texas A&M University Press

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Deer of the Southwest

A Complete Guide to the Natural History, Biology, and Management of Southwestern Mule Deer and White-Tailed Deer

By Jim Heffelfinger

Jim Heffelfinger is regional game specialist with the Arizona Game and Fish Department and adjunct professor at University of Arizona, Tucson. He lives in Tucson.

What Readers Are Saying:

“It’s the right time for a book on deer of the Southwest. Jim Heffelfinger has crammed a tremendous amount of information into this book. The test is not in scientific style as this may be a deterrent to many readers, but he cites source information so that anyone interested can review the original articles and draw their own conclusions. I found the book outstanding because of the width of coverage and the readability.”--Dr. Wendell Swank, former Texas A&M University Wildlife professor, former director of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, and author of the book The Mule Deer in Arizona Chaparrel (1958)

“One of the most significant contributions to the field of deer biology and management in years. Presented in a clear and concise style, this book will prove to be an invaluable resource not only for the professional biologist, but the layman as well.” --Clay Brewer, Mule Program Coordinator, Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

“This is a book by a field biologist with talent for clear explanation, who knows deer phenomena inside and out, from bone fossils and DNA to the fossils of hunter politics.” --Dr. Clay McCulloch

“This book includes a comprehensive presentation of the most recent knowledge from management and scientific research in the southwestern Unites States and northern Mexico. It should be considered as a valuable first-hand tool by wildlife managers, professors, government agents, hunters, and every person interested in deer conservation and management on both sides of the border.” --Carlos Hugo Alcalá-Galván, Wildlife Biologist for Instituto Nacional de Inves

“An important reference for anyone interested in deer in the Southwest–managers and enthusiasts alike. Both enlightening and instructive, Deer of the Southwest is the ultimate source for understanding the history, management, and issues facing this resource. Jim Heffelfinger has solidified his reputation as the premier authority on deer in this region.” --Barry Hale, Deer Program Manager, New Mexico Department of Game and Fish

“Jim Heffelfinger is fast becoming the authority on mule deer in the United States. His seminars on deer are routinely packed. If you are a deer hunter you NEED this book.” --Todd Rathner, National Rifle Association Board of Directors; Chairman, NRA

“The distribution maps are simply the best available…Deer in the Southwest may not be the last word on this ever-fascinating subject, but it is certainly the most up to date.” --Arizona Wildlife Views

“A recent cable television story on deer hunting feature stock video footage of white-tailed deer and prong-horned antelope. Trouble was, the news reader acted like all the creatures being shown were deer. Too bad whoever edited that newscast hadn’t had a chance to peruse Jim Heffelfinger’s Deer of the Southwest.” --Austin American-Statesman

“Very few books on the subject of deer in any particular region lend themselves to being complete. Jim Heffelfinger’s book breaks the mold. It is by far the most comprehensive book on mule deer and white-tailed deer in the southwestern part of the United States, including Plains portions of Texas, Colorado, and New Mexico, I’ve ever read. Everything you ever wanted to know about these two deer species can be found in its pages…All of this under one cover and written in a style easy enough for the layperson to understand, but scientific enough for the professional biologist…Deer of the Southwest is a pleasure to read and should be part of every deer enthusiast’s library.” --Great Plains Research


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