Buff Tea
5.5 x 8, 280 pp.
Pub Date: 10/17/2011
Price:        $10.00


Published by Texas Review Press

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Buff Tea

Edward M. Erdelac

In 1874 a boy leaves a comfortable life in Chicago and heads west to work on the burgeoning railroad, quickly finding the labor not to his liking. He joins a disparate group of itinerant buffalo hunters led by a tough old ex-Indian fighter named War Bag Tyler and they pass into Texas to participate in the great slaughter. The season draws to a close and death strikes the outfit. War Bag swears a Cheyenne Dog Soldier from his past is responsible. As War Bag plots a new hunt, a hunt for the Cheyenne, the boy must choose between life and death.

EDWARD MICHAEL ERDELAC is an independent filmmaker, award-winning screenwriter, and novelist. He was born in Indiana, educated in Chicago, and continues to be tempered in the Los Angeles area, where he lives with his family.

What Readers Are Saying:

"Ed Erdelac is a gifted storyteller.  In the mold of Elmer Kelton, his Buff Tea tells a universal story, a journey of personal discovery through the moral ambiguities that confront us all.  It breathes life into a West we know, weaving historical places and events into a tale that is as enjoyable as it will be memorable."—Ty Cashion, author of A Texas Frontier: The Clearfork Country & Fort Griffin, 1849–1887

"Erdelac's story is told using pieces of actual history.  This exciting first novel perfectly captures the legendary essence of Ft. Griffin and its buffalo hunters."--Betsy Black Parsons, Director of the Fort Griffin Fandangle, Albany, Texas.

"Edward M. Erdelac is one of the best of the new Western writers.  His perfect balance of period research, authentic characters, and mythic storytelling practically guarantees a terrific read every time."--Craig Clarke, co-editor, Living After Midnight: Hard and Heavy Stories


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