Birdlife of Houston, Galveston, and the Upper Texas Coast
Natural History - Ornithology
8.5 x 11, 328 pp.
50 color photos., 1 b&w photo., 3 maps., 16 tables. Bib. Index.
Pub Date: 10/03/2006
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Birdlife of Houston, Galveston, and the Upper Texas Coast

By Ted L. Eubanks Jr., Robert A. Behrstock, and Ron J. Weeks
Foreword by Victor Emanuel

In the last thirty years, the Upper Texas Coast has become a “must go” destination for birders around the globe. This book will serve as an essential companion to the customary field guide and pair of binoculars for all visitors to Houston, High Island, Galveston, Freeport, or any of the area’s other exciting birding spots. It also places the birdlife of the region, a seven-county area with a larger bird list than forty-three states, into historical and ecological contexts.

Authors Eubanks, Behrstock, and Weeks—all recognized authorities on the migrant and resident birds of this region—present a thorough introduction to the area’s history, physiography, and avifauna. Then, in generous discussions of bird families and species, they synthesize years of records, tracking the comings and goings of more than 480 birds and incorporating their own lifetimes of experience to create an “ornithological mosaic” of lasting significance.

TED L. EUBANKS JR. is president of Fermata Inc., a nature tourism, national trails, and wildlife-watching consulting business. A resident of Galveston, he is a recipient of the Roger T. Peterson Excellence in Birding Award.ROBERT A. BEHRSTOCK is an Arizona-based biologist, writer, photographer, and nature tour leader.RON J. WEEKS is a chemical engineer at Dow Chemical Company in Lake Jackson and a subregional editor for North American Birds.

What Readers Are Saying:

“It is a wealth of knowledge and is more detailed and in depth, as well as better constructed, than virtually all other such treatises.”--Paul Kerlinger

“It is a wealth of knowledge and is more detailed and in depth, as well as better constructed, than virtually all other such treatises.” --Paul Kerlinger

“…a landmark in ornithology…I’ve already dog-eared multiple pages, passionate to learn more about birds I’ve watched and studied for a lifetime. Moreover, I’m thrilled to have a reference book about birds on my home turf.” --Houston Chronicle

“Birdlife of Houston, Galveston, and the Upper Texas Coast sets a new standard for what a regional guide can be. No region is more deserving of such a book.” --Victor Emanuel Nature Tours

“This is a book every birder will enjoy, not only for the outstanding color photographs, but also for the wealth of information that will attract new comers to this world, as well as those who have invested years in this hobby.” --The Brazosport Facts

“The Birdlife of Houston, Galveston, and the Upper Texas Coast has been eagerly anticipated for years by students of Texas avifauna. The authors provide us now with an ornithological history of a region, which had been inadequately covered previously. Their years of combined field experience and a careful search through published and unpublished sources now puts at our fingertips a tremendous resource on the birdlife in this region both past and present…So much information is contained between the covers that serious Texas birders will find this book a must for their libraries regardless of the fit. I am very pleased to add it to mine.” --Texas Birds Annual

“…the three dedicated authors have made a spectacular contribution with Birdlife in Houston, Galveston, and the Upper Texas that will provide countless hours of enjoyable and instructive reading and learning….” --Texas Books in Review

“As good as the maps are, they are limited due to format . . . . Well written and inviting . . . . I must admit I was a bit put off with one being the lowest rating initially . . . one of my favorite features . . . extremely useful . . . almost like getting a second book . . . . The layout is fresh and modern and very attractive. It’s easy to use and worth having, whether you are a long time birder or a total neophyte. The enthusiasm of the writers is contagious. The writing style is well suited to the average birder. It’s also a lot easier to use in the car, rather than unfolding and refolding a large map. I seriously hope that will write future volumes covering the other Birding Trail maps.” --Texas Birds


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