Beyond Texas Through Time
Breaking Away from Past Interpretations
Western History
6 x 9, 288 pp.
3 tables. Index.
Pub Date: 01/27/2011
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Beyond Texas Through Time

Breaking Away from Past Interpretations

Edited by Walter L. Buenger and Arnoldo De León

In 1991 Walter L. Buenger and the late Robert A. Calvert compiled a pioneering work in Texas historiography: Texas Through Time, a seminal survey and critique of the field of Texas history from its inception through the end of the 1980s. Now, Buenger and Arnoldo De León have assembled an important new collection that assesses the current state of Texas historiography, building on the many changes in understanding and interpretation that have developed in the nearly twenty years since the publication of the original volume.
This new work, Beyond Texas Through Time, departs from the earlier volume’s emphasis on the dichotomy between traditionalism and revisionism as they applied to various eras. Instead, the studies in this book consider the topical and thematic understandings of Texas historiography embraced by a new generation of Texas historians as they reflect analytically on the work of the past two decades. The resulting approaches thus offer the potential of informing the study of themes and topics other than those specifically introduced in this volume, extending its usefulness well beyond a review of the literature. In addition, the volume editors’ introduction proposes the application of cultural constructionism as an important third perspective on the thematic and topical analyses provided by the other contributors.
Beyond Texas Through Time offers both a vantage point and a benchmark, serving as an important reference for scholars and advanced students of history and historiography, even beyond the borders of Texas.

WALTER L. BUENGER is a professor and chair of the Department of History at Texas A&M University in College Station and a former president of the Texas State Historical Association. ARNOLDO DE LEÓN is the C. J. “Red” Davidson Professor of History at Angelo State University in San Angelo.

What Readers Are Saying:

"This volume brings an entirely new and very timely perspective to the conceptualization of Texas history. It should be read and placed on the bookshelf of every person interested in the history of Texas to be regularly consulted by them. A thoughtful and erudite commentary on Texas history, this book and the essays contained in it provide summary commentary on the important historical scholarship published during the last twenty years. This fine book will also serve as guidepost for future scholarship on the study of the Lone Star past."--Light T. Cummins, Texas State Historian & Bryan Professor of History, Austin College

"Beyond Texas Through Time provides a valuable update and assessment of the state of Texas historiography in the twenty-first important reference for all advanced scholars and historians withing and beyond Texas."--Laura Lyons McLemore, Western Historical Quarterly

“For many of us who teach, write, and think about Texas history, no single book has proven more valuable that a volume of essays editor twenty years ago by Walter L. Buenger and the late Robert A. Calvert. This book featured a cast of that generation’s best Texas historians writing critical, sometimes damning, essays on the past and present state of Texas historiography. It painted a picture of Texas historical writing that had been characterized by a century of hero-worship, mythologizing, and cultural chauvinism. The result is an anthology nearly as important as its predecessor twenty years ago.”—Gregg Cantrell, Southwestern Historical Quarterly

“The essays in Beyond Texas Through Time call attention, particularly, to new subjects of investigation, themes, and streams of interpretation, making this volume an important reference for all advanced scholars and historians within and beyond Texas.”—Laura Lyons McLemore, Journal of Southern History


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