5.5 x 8.5, 48 pp.
Pub Date: 10/19/2015
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Published by Texas Review Press

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J. Scott Brownlee

Set in the drought-plagued landscape of Central Texas, Ascension is a collection of lyric poems that chronicles life in and around Llano, Texas (population 3,033).  Brownlee’s poems meditate on the inescapability of place.
Organ Solo with Oblivion and Gar

Skittish fish lay eggs
  in this shallow stone
   cleft of an algae chorus.  
    Turn my soul into song,
      if you can, River Lord.  
       Treat believing the same
        as each minnow slipping            
         coin-like into deep murk.
          Your spirit mimics me          
          unblinking, fishbone
          face framing brackish
         absence, saying, Kneel
        into this.  Lean low,
       sinner, & drink. Bitter
      infidel, swallow the black
     granite whole if you are not
    afraid of what comes after it:
   ___________. Live forever.

J. SCOTT BROWNLEE is a founding member of the Localists, a literary collective that emphasizes place-based writing of personal witness, cultural memory, and the aesthetically marginalized working class. His poems appear in The Kenyon Review, Narrative, Beloit Poetry Journal, RATTLE, The Greensboro Review, and elsewhere.  He lives in Brooklyn, NY.


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