5.5 x 8.5, 96 pp.
Pub Date: 06/17/2003
Price:        $12.95


Published by Texas Review Press

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Winner of the 2002 Clay Reynolds Novella Prize


By Stephen March

STEPHEN MARCH grew up mostly in Tennessee, West Virginia, and North Carolina. His short stories have been published in New Orleans Review, Carolina Quarterly, Tampa Review, Seattle Review, William and Mary Review and Appalachian Heritage, among others. He is currently an English professor at Elizabeth City State University in Elizabeth City, North Carolina.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Stephen March takes a difficult theme and setting and makes it work brilliantly. These people come right off the page with a presence so realistic, you can almost smell them! An endearing and brutally honest narrator hosts this ribald romp through the backwoods of the upper South and provides us with as unique and challenging a set of characters ever to crawl out of the backseat of an abandoned Ford Fairlane with a jaw full of snuff and a gut full of cheap wine. The twisting and turning plot never drifts into cliché or offers ever a whiff of predictability. This is just plain fun, but with a serious tone, sometimes even warm and always genuine. There’s a marvelous sense of the ironic informing the whole, and, as is always the case when good triumphs over evil, there’s a grin at the end.” --Clay Reynolds, Series Judge

“The characters who populate the taut universe of Armadillo skate on the wobbly edge of the abyss. They are forced to invent salvation for themselves and must achieve it however they can. Stephen March shows us that hope is possible even in an inferno of desolation. His novel is as stark as a desert landscape—and presents the same kind of beauty. It is truthful and wounding. It is pitiless. It is a triumph.” --Fred Chappell


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