Accidental Origami
New and Selected Works of karla k. morton
6 x 9, 200 pp.
Pub Date: 06/21/2016
Price:        $10.95


Published by Texas Review Press

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Accidental Origami

New and Selected Works of karla k. morton

Karla K. Morton

This book features Morton's best work to date from her ten collections. While her poems range in style, topic and region, they capture each universal emotion, delving into our desire to know our place in this world; the reason for our very being. Her words are comfort and wonder and hope. She writes: This is a book of poems to swallow, to seep in your bloodstream/ and pound open the chamber doors/ of your own heart, reminding us of our huge capacity for love, guiding us through each tiny fold of synchronicity to discover the big picture--what it means to truly be alive.

And where did the day go?
A late Sunday of mingling legs,
sermons of hawk and crow,
a choir of mockingbird.
Sitting outside,
legs still reaching for one another,
just words.
The hours, dulcet and vaulting
like dog years.
These are the best unremarkable
days of our life,
when nothing happens
but the bloom of tiny wildflowers,

the kind you have to sink to your knees
to see.

KARLA K. MORTON, Texas State Poet Laureate in 2010, is a resident of Ft. Worth. She is a Betsy Colquitt Award Winner, twice an Indie National Book Award Winner,  and North Texas Book Award Festival Winner. Morton is the recipient of the Writer-in-Residency E2C Grant and has ten books of poetry.


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