A Texas State of Mind
The Texas State University System Story Still Going Strong After a Hundred Years
10 x 13, 320 pp.
Pub Date: 12/16/2011
Price:        $75.00


Published by Texas Review Press

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A Texas State of Mind

The Texas State University System Story Still Going Strong After a Hundred Years

Fernando C. Gomez

To our students, that they know upon whose shoulders they stand;
To our faculty, that they may see the lives they have shaped;
To our alumni, that they may remember fondly and smile;
To our employees and donors, for their many valued contributions;
To our host communities, long-time partners in a noble enterprise;
To the people of Texas, that they may value their Great Legacy!
This book about Texas and its oldest university system is set in communities traversing the State from the Sabine River, to the Piney Woods, to the Hill Country, to the Rio Grande.  It is a story of colleges established with a limited mission—to train white teachers—that, in the course of a century, produced a president, world renowned journalists, entertainers, poets, musicians, writers, and alumni representing the ethnic and cultural diversity of Texas. The story is told by some of the best writers in the State and chronicled by one of the most celebrated artistic photographers in the country.


Born in Gallup, New Mexico, Dr. FERNANDO C. GOMEZ earned degrees from the University of New Mexico (B.A. cum laude) and the University of Michigan (J.D. and Ph.D., American Culture). He attained tenure at Michigan State University before serving as assistant attorney general in Michigan and in Texas and as California State University System general counsel. He has served as Texas State University System vice chancellor and general counsel for twenty years (1986-1990 and 1994-Present).  He has authored books on educational law; published short stories and poetry; and lectured throughout the United States and overseas, including Cuba and Yemen. Author is now living in Austin, Texas.


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