A Little Luck
Poetry - Folklore
5.5 x 8.5, 80 pp.
Pub Date: 09/19/2013
Price:        $10.95


Published by Texas Review Press

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A Little Luck

Jeff Worley

“In A Little Luck, Jeff Worley presents that rarest of commodities—a voice encyclopedic in its attentions, clever, self-aware, and deeply likeable. Worley’s humor throughout is dark and smart, his phrasings elegant. I would give A Little Luck to the reader who loves the work of Ted Kooser or Rodney Jones. I’d give this book to the reader who does not yet realize he loves poetry.”—Sandra Beasley, Final Judge


—after lines by Michael Van Walleghen

The moon, stars and weather
will happen as they always have,

though surely with my breath gone
the wind, in some slight measure,

will falter. Absent my footsteps
the earth will feel along its spine

a momentary shiver of abandonment.
And my friends?  Won’t they gather

with me again, in whatever purple-
swagged room, for wine and stories,

some of them nearly impossibly true?
Meanwhile, the mailman, humming

like a bee in a blossom, will slip
my name into the metal box:

an unsigned note from The Paris Review
saying, simply, Sorry.

JEFF WORLEY’S first book, The Only Time There Is, won the Mid-List Press First-Book Poetry Prize, and his second book from Mid-List, Happy Hour at the Two Keys Tavern, was named 2006 Kentucky Book of the Year in Poetry.  Now retired from the University of Kentucky, he lives in Lexington with his wife, Linda.


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