The Texas Landscape Project
Nature and People
Environmental History - Natural History
9 x 10, 520 pp.
303 maps. 64 color photos. 34 b&w photos. 21 line art. 20 graphs. 2 tables. Bib. Index.
Pub Date: 06/14/2016
Kathie and Ed Cox Jr. Books on Conservation Leadership, sponsored by The Meadows Center for Water and the Environment, Texas State University
  flexbound (with flaps)
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Published by Texas A&M University Press

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The Texas Landscape Project

Nature and People

David Todd and Jonathan Ogren
Foreword by Andrew Sansom

The Texas Landscape Project explores conservation and ecology in Texas by presenting a highly visual and deeply researched view of the widespread changes that have affected the state as its population and economy have boomed and as Texans have worked ever harder to safeguard its bountiful but limited natural resources. Covering the entire state, from Pineywoods bottomlands and Panhandle playas to Hill Country springs and Big Bend canyons, the project examines a host of familiar and not so familiar environmental issues.

A companion volume to The Texas Legacy Project, this book tracks specific environmental changes that have occurred in Texas using more than 300 color maps, expertly crafted by cartographer Jonathan Ogren, and over 100 photographs that coalesce to fashion a broad portrait of the modern Texas landscape. The rich data, compiled by author David Todd, are presented in clearly written yet marvelously detailed text that gives historical context and contemporary statistics for environmental trends connected to the land, water, air, energy, and built world of the second-largest and second-most populated state in the nation.

An engaging read for any environmentalist or conscientious citizen, The Texas Landscape Project provides a true sense of the grand scope of the Lone Star State and the high stakes of protecting it.

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DAVID TODD is the executive director of the Conservation History Association of Texas and co-author of The Texas Legacy Project. JONATHAN OGREN is the founder of Siglo Group, a firm that helps clients integrate natural systems into land planning and design.


What Readers Are Saying:

 “David Todd has created a compelling visual history of the Texas environment. Complementing his prodigious research with more than a hundred innovative maps, his book shows us not only what has been lost in Texas but also the vast resources so many are working hard to save. This is an important read for anyone who cares about our nation’s future, because if we can solve environmental challenges in Texas -- and I am confident we can -- we can find solutions everywhere.”—Fred Krupp, president, Environmental Defense Fund

“This book by David Todd and Jonathan Ogren belongs on the bookshelf of every Texan concerned about our land and its future.  Its scope is broad and its coverage is extensive. It is packed with insight and information, and I highly recommend it.  “—Jim Blackburn, author of The Book of Texas Bays, professor in the Practice in Environmental Law, Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, Rice University

“Texans are lucky—this remarkable volume demonstrates just the kind of insight we need on landscapes the world around. Anyone who cares about the Lone Star state—and who wouldn't, given its beauty and history—will revel in the level of detail and of deep thinking!” —Bill McKibben, author of Deep Economy

“. . .this unique exploration of nature and people in Texas is nothing less than a tour-de-force display of 'map power'!” —Thad Sitton, author of Caddo: Visions of a Southern Cypress Lake

The Texas Landscape Project vividly depicts the state’s natural beauty in a way that captivates the spirit and compels the soul to take action to conserve it.”— Collin O’Mara, President and Chief Executive Officer of National Wildlife Federation

"The Texas Landscape Project is a new kind of atlas that explores Texas' environmental issues using databases, maps, charts, and images. It creates an illustrated context to help us understand the consequences that our choices have on the environment.  Texans' love of land runs deep, and this atlas is a powerful reminder that we're responsible for making informed choices to protect the Lone Star State's landscapes for generations to come." —David Yarnold, President & CEO of National Audubon Society

"The complex physical geography of Texas, the state's rich political and social history, and its engrossing natural history come together smartly in this brilliantly organized atlas. It's an ambitious project, founded on up-to-date research, and thoroughly captivating."—Barry Lopez, author of Arctic Dreams

"Texas is big. And beautiful. Naturally it requires a like book to convey her natural story, and now we have that book." —Lone Star Book Reviews

"David Todd and Jonathan Ogren’s Texas Landscape Project is a treasure chest of a book covering Texas environmental history and current conservation issues. When you open the wide-ranging volume, wonderful things keep spilling out… Readers can spend hours engrossed in the fascinating array of maps and visuals covering topics such as Gulf of Mexico ship traffic, artesian springs along frontier trails, the size and age of Texas reservoirs and the extent of Texas’ original grasslands." Russell Roe, Texas Parks & Wildlife Magazine


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