Cold War Crossings
International Travel and Exchange across the Soviet Bloc, 1940s-1960s
History - Eastern European Studies
6 x 9, 240 pp.
10 b&w photos. Table. Index.
Pub Date: 03/20/2014
Walter Prescott Webb Memorial Lectures, published for the University of Texas at Arlington by Texas A&M University Press
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Cold War Crossings

International Travel and Exchange across the Soviet Bloc, 1940s-1960s

Edited by Patryk Babiracki and Kenyon Zimmer

Introduction by Vladislav Zubok

Approaching the early decades of the “Iron Curtain” with new questions and perspectives, this important book examines the political and cultural implications of the communists’ international initiatives. Building on recent scholarship and working from new archival sources, the seven contributors to this volume study various effects of international outreach—personal, technological, and cultural—on the population and politics of the Soviet bloc. Several authors analyze lesser-known complications of East-West exchange; others show the contradictory nature of Moscow’s efforts to consolidate its sphere of influence in Eastern Europe and in the Third World.

An outgrowth of the forty-sixth annual Walter Prescott Webb Lectures, hosted in 2011 by the University of Texas at Arlington, Cold War Crossings features diverse focuses with a unifying theme.

PATRYK BABIRACKI is an assistant professor in Russian and East European history at the University of Texas–Arlington and Volkswagen–Andrew W. Mellon Post-doctoral Fellow at the Zentrum für Zeithistorische Forschung in Potsdam. KENYON ZIMMER is an assistant professor of history at the University of Texas–Arlington.

What Readers Are Saying:

“This groundbreaking collection of essays situates postwar Soviet history and the cultural Cold War in an international context by examining transnational contacts initiated by the Soviet Union and other European socialist countries. The individual chapters in this volume represent transnational scholarship at its best: based on archival sources from a range of countries, in multiple languages, and sensitive to the historical conditions and historiographies of diverse national contexts.”—The Russian Review

 “. . . enriches a bibliography on the issue of borders and their crossing."—Andreï Kozovoï, UFR LLCE, université Lille 3

 ". . .sheds light on how comparisons resulting from different types of border crossings undermined Soviet efforts to promote faith in party ideology and Soviet superiority and to establish administrative uniformity and control at home and beyond."—Slavic Review


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