Timeless Texas
Texana - Photography
10 x 11, 148 pp.
67 b&w photos.
Pub Date: 04/12/2006
Charles and Elizabeth Prothro Texas Photography Series
Price:        $30.00


Published by Texas A&M University Press

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Timeless Texas

By Laurence Parent

In Timeless Texas, long-time fans of Laurence Parent's photography will be introduced to a contemplative side of this talented artist, who, for the first time, presents his vision of the Texas landscape in black and white.

With a thoughtful introduction by another Texas icon, Elmer Kelton, and a personal note from the photographer, the book unfolds as a tribute to the enduring landscape of Texas, as seen through the lens of someone who knows it well. Like looking at old family photographs, these images remind us why we miss Texas when we leave it and why certain places remain comforting by their very constancy.

Parent's attachments to and recollections of these places come alive in extended captions that depict the adventure, hard work, and funny moments in the life of a professional photographer. By climbing those mountains, chasing those clouds, and taking that quiet pause at a hidden waterfall, Parent has created a Texas ciaroscuro that is bound to captivate all who go with him.

LAURENCE PARENT is a landscape photographer whose images are well known nationally through their appearance in many books, magazine articles, and calendars. He is also the author of several hiking and driving guidebooks.

What Readers Are Saying:

Timeless Texas by Laurence Parent would make Ansel Adams proud. It’s a stunning collection of black-and-white photos depicting the diverse beauty of our state…a must-have for the Texana book collector.”--Bryan-College Station Eagle

“What a wonderful book is Timeless Texas, by Laurence Parent, with a brief introduction by Elmer Kelton. Extensive captions on 67 beautiful photos, mostly full-page, recall Parent’s rugged hikes to lonely landscapes (some of them hidden from the rest of us on posted private property), which become beautiful wilderness images. He has endured the bites of ticks, chiggers and mosquitoes, and dodged diamond-back rattlers, cottonmouths and water moccasins to get these pictures. His gorgeous views remind us of the surprising diversity of scenery in Texas. Even when he shoots familiar scenes, he has a new angle, a fresh perspective, such as recording the Hill Country in (rare) snow. These black and white photos are reminiscent of the work of Edward Weston and, especially, Ansel Adams, but Parent’s handling of the sky will also remind you of the cumulous clouds of Maynard Dixon’s paintings.”--San Francisco Corral

Once the possessor of an ancient 4x5 Speed Graphic, rudimentary darkroom, and Tri-X, I can dimly sense the incredible effort, patience, persistence, and talent it took to capture these images. Parent gives us insights into what it takes, photo by photo. If you are up for a fine visual treat, buy this book. As a bonus, a few significant ‘humanscapes’ are blended in, each stopping time to give us a glimpse of Texas history. . . . This brilliant black & white study is evocative of a Texas worth conserving, challenging us to husband some of our natural capital for the future. Someone should send a copy of Timeless Texas to every member of the Texas Legislature, where important votes for our parks, wildlife, water, and our great grandchildren will be taken.”--East Texas Historical Journal

“Parent has clearly gone to great lengths to produce a portrait of Texas that is simultaneously familiar and unexpected: many of his photographs are the result of day-long hikes to remote locations, extended trips in boats, or off-road jaunts to areas rarely traversed by anyone but the hardiest locals.”--Texas Books in Review


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