Birds of Northeast Texas
Natural History - Ornithology
5.5 x 8.5, 160 pp.
30 color photos., Map.
Pub Date: 06/04/2002
W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series
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Published by Texas A&M University Press

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Birds of Northeast Texas

By Matt White
Foreword by Greg W. Lasley

The Birds of Northeast Texas is an annotated guide, for both novice and experienced birders, to the 390 species of birds that have been reliably recorded in northeast Texas. It is designed to augment field identification with commentary on status, distribution, and occurrence in this orinthologically rich region, which includes twenty-two counties in the state.

Brief introductory chapters introduce the area’s geography and habitats and give readers an idea of where the best birdwatching spots are. The species accounts explain each species’ status, distribution, and period of occurrence in the region. They often also include a short narrative about habitat preference, unusual records, or some other interesting or unique aspect of a particular species.

The species accounts are followed by lists of poorly documented “hypothetical” species, extinct species, and introduced species. A vibrant color section highlights the region’s “specialty” birds, as well as rare finds.

It is often difficult to obtain information about the abundance of birds that regularly migrate through an area or about those that visit only rarely. Books like this one, about the local status and distribution of birds, are particularly important for both casual and serious birders who want to learn more about the species in their area.

Northeast Texas is a popular destination for many people seeking various types of outdoor recreation, such as fishing, hunting, hiking, and camping. As the area becomes better known for its surprisingly rich number of species, serious birders from around the country will want to add the region’s specialties and migrants to their bird lists.

Matt White is a contributing editor to Texas Birds magazine, published by the Texas Ornithological Society and a sub-regional editor for North American Birds, published by the American Birding Association. He has made extensive observations of the birds of northeast Texas and has also written for Texas Parks and Wildlife magazine, the Bulletin of the Texas Ornithological Society, and the newsletter of the North East Texas Field Ornithologists. White teaches American history at Paris Junior College.

What Readers Are Saying:

“This region’s dedicated birdwatchers as well as those just beginning to pursue the hobby will want to add this slender volume to their reference shelves.” --The Gilmer Mirror

“Written clearly enough for both beginner and expert birders.” --E-Streams, vol 5 no 11

“Will be of interest to both novice and expert birders in the Texas area.” --E-Streams, vol 5 no 11

“If you live in the area this is a must, and if you will be traveling there it is worth taking along.” --Bird Watcher’s Digest

“Northeast Texas is a region of diversity, ranging from lush hardwood bottom lands to large lakes and broad open expanses. Texas birders have long recognized that this region is the place to visit for a range of species most easily found here. Matt White has created a long awaited resource in his Birds of Northeast Texas. In this concise, well written work from one of the most knowledgeable and avid students of the avifauna of North Texas, Matt provides the reader with a well researched commentary on the status of nearly 400 species as well as a historical and geographical perspective on a region her has birded extensively. The value of this book can not be overstated for any student of Texas birds.” --Brush Freeman

“Matt White’s Birds of Northeast Texas is a long awaited resource for anyone interested in the birds in this region of diversity and transition. Matt’s well researched commentary and extensive knowledge of the region add further to our collective knowledge of the avifauna of Texas. As so little has been published widely on the birds of this region, those interested in Texas birds will surely want to add this book to their collection of Texas and regional references.” --Brush Freeman

“With the Birds of Northeast Texas we at last have a ready resource for those interested in a part of the state which has been distinctly under publicized. Matt’s well researched commentary and extensive knowledge of the region add further to our collective knowledge of the avifauna of Texas. both the beginning birder and the serious student of the birds of Texas will want this concise and ready reference on their shelves.” --Brush Freeman


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