Birder's Mexico
Natural History - Ornithology
6 x 9, 336 pp.
39 b&w photos., 5 maps.
Pub Date: 10/01/1999
Louise Lindsey Merrick Natural Environment Series
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Published by Texas A&M University Press

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Birder's Mexico

By Roland H. Wauer
Foreword by Victor Emanuel

“The diversity of Mexico's habitat . . . yields an incredible avifauna. Roland Wauer does justice to this abundance and provides an important handbook on the natural places of the most popular foreign birding destination of North American bird watchers."—Bird Watcher's Digest

Mexico is a biological paradise, possessing the greatest natural diversity in North America. With only one-fourth the land area of the United States, it possesses as many plant species and many more kinds of animals than its northern neighbor. Yet the favored tourist attractions of Mexico are the cities, beaches, and archaeological sites.

Since 1966 Roland Wauer has made annual trips to see his own favorite attractions in Mexico: native birds and their remote habitats. From his adventures he has written an indispensable companion for anyone visiting Mexico with an interest in Birding and the country's spectacular natural environment. He introduces us to Mexico's unsung diversity, from its arid lowlands and coastal islands to the forested uplands and humid jungles, once home of the ancient Mayans.

Originally published under the title NATURALIST'S MEXICO, this handy guide features a new and updated introduction. Its thirty-nine balck-and-white photographs provide further reason to explore the flora and fauna that thrive off the beaten bath.

Roland H. Wauer, a retired National Park Service employee, continues his work in the field as a naturalist, scientist, and resource specialist. He is the author of Birder's Mexico and Heralds of Spring in Texas.

What Readers Are Saying:

“Wauer brings to this volume a fascination for Mexico and its birds. This enthusiasm is present in every chapter, and makes the book, as I believe was intended, an effective advertisement for Mexican birding. Having visited almost all of the sites that Wauer mentions, his descriptions are accurate, and would indeed be useful to potential visitors. . . .this book will prove a worthy read for birders interested in visiting Mexico.” --The Quarterly Review of Biology

“Each year, the national parks of America’s great southwest attract millions of tourists who wish to experience the splendor of these fantastically beautiful gems. Visitors vary widely in their personal hobbies and interests, and these parks somehow manage to satisfy the vast majority of us whether we are looking for geology or scenery or wildlife. Certainly one of the activities that park visitors are interested in is wildlife observation and bird watching in particular. Some national parks have wildlife guidebooks for their particular park, but never before has the information on general birding tips, particular bird specialties, and birding locations within these parks been brought together in one volume. Ro Wauer, in Birding the Southwestern National Parks, a birder’s perspective, has succeeded in doing just that. Within this book, one can learn what species of birds are sought in which parks and how to go about looking for them. Ro guides the reader to specific locations within each park where birding time may be most rewarding and helps the reader to find birds by increasing the reader’s understanding of the various habitat preferences and needs of the various species. Ro has traveled to each of the parks he writes about and knows the birds so well that his observations and experiences spill over onto each page in a delightful mixture of guidebook and personal anecdotes. This book will become an indispensable companion for anyone seeking birds in the national parks of the southwestern United States. I know you will appreciate Ro’s efforts as much as I do!” --Greg Lasley, former Texas editor, North American Birds, and Secretary

“Beginning birders can select the right tools, identify birds, hone field techniques, and learn birding ethics. This handy guide is a necessary adjunct to the traveling birder.” --Charles E. Keller


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