Environmental Management on North America's Borders
Environmental History
6.125 x 9.25, 328 pp.
4 maps., Tables., 2 charts.
Pub Date: 11/01/1998
Environmental History Series
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Published by Texas A&M University Press

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Environmental Management on North America's Borders

Edited by Richard Kiy and John D. Wirth

North American economic integration, principally through the North American Free Trade Agreement, is creating important changes in many aspects of Canadian–United States–Mexican relations. One of the important areas affected by these changes is the environment. Transboundary environmental issues are not new to North America, but NAFTA has created new conditions where a range of discrete phenomena can be treated as an integrated whole. A “paradigm shift, a new way of looking at things from a continental, or regional, perspective” has taken place.

In Environmental Management on North America’s Borders Richard Kiy and John Wirt have brought together a collection of timely studies written by experienced practitioners in border affairs that provide an introduction to the range of environmental issues on both borders and an understanding of the dynamics now transforming North America. Rather than examining only one border, or part of a border, at a time, this volume treats the two borders as one conceptual unit. Kiy and Wirth argue that the patterns of local participation and coalition-building are harbingers of an emerging North American community.

In addition to chapters by the editors examining the overall theme of transboundary environmental management in North America, three case studies explore environmental issues on the Canada–United States border and six chapters examine specific issues on the Mexico–United States border. A common thread running through these studies is the consideration of how cooperation and conflict affect the actions of citizens and governments as they manage transboundary environmental issues.

Environmental Management on North America’s Borders will be a particularly useful volume in the fields of environmental management and North American border studies. It can also serve as an important overview of these issues for those interested in the environment, NAFTA, and the concept of continental or regional integration.

RICHARD KIY, director for environmental information systems of Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC), has previously served as a specialist on border affairs with the U.S. EPA.JOHN D. WIRT is Gildred Professor of Latin American Studies at Stanford University and president of the North American Institute.

What Readers Are Saying:

“A timely series of essays that examine cross-border environmental issues on a case-study basis. Will help to promote a greater awareness of the importance of an integrated North American approach to these issues.” --Northeastern Naturalist

“Only with publication of this book have we had a comprehensive and direct account of what North American environmental agreements have, or have not, accomplished and the prospects for more effective cooperative policy implementation. A major and timely contribution toward comprehending the necessities and complexities of environmental management in an interconnected international context where they come with sharpest focus—at international borders.” --Lynton K. Caldwell, Arthur T. Bentley Professor of Political Science Emeritus

“Environmental diplomacy is destined to become far more prominent in the next century, challenging governments, businesses, and nongovernmental groups alike. While much attention today is devoted to global issues, climate or the oceans’ health, for instance, this book usefully illuminates a second diplomatic front, transboundary issues involving resource management and pollution control. Kiy and Wirth offer up a revealing set of stories about how citizens and institutions along our borders have addressed the kind of opportunities and obstacles that diplomats of the 21st century increasingly will find one of their raisons d’être.” --William K. Reilly, Chief Executive Officer, Aqua International Partners and f

Environmental Management on North America’s Borders provides a superb overview of the emerging sense of a North American environmental community. Using real life examples of regional cooperation across national boundaries, the authors introduce us to the key actors, trends, and environmental challenges facing our continent. They also highlight transboundary environmental issues that warrant greater attention from leaders in government, industry, and nongovernmental organizations. This is an important book for anyone who needs or wants to understand the North American environmental agenda.” --Janine Ferretti, Interim Executive Director, Commission for Environmental Coo

“This book is a major contribution to understanding the complex issues which require the environmental cooperation of the three North American countries. Richard Kiy and John D. Wirth are owed, by all of us interested in this field, a special word of thanks for putting at our disposal such a valuable tool.” --Alberto Székely, Research Director, International Transboundary Resources, Me

“ . . . Editors Kiy and Wirth have brought together a solid collection of experts on environmental issues to provide a full range of perspectives . . . The case studies and analysis will be useful to upper-division undergraduates, graduates, researchers, faculty, professionals, and practitioners.” --Choice

“. . . offers an exceedingly useful overview of both borders. It is one of only a handful of books on any subject but the NAFTA agreement itself to take a truly North American perspective—and it does so with a well-developed historical context. . . . the book is well suited to both classroom and reference use.” --The American Review of Canadian Studies

“. . . a great comparison of case studies regarding the U.S.-Canada border and the U.S.-Mexico border.” --Journal of Environment and Development


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