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Texas Review Press, a member of the Texas A&M University Press Consortium, was established in 1979 but published only chapbooks and an occasional anthology until 1992, when it introduced the Southern and Southwestern Writers Breakthrough Series. It now publishes twelve books a year and has over a hundred titles in print.
Texas Review Press attempts to meet the needs of an international as well as regional and local audience. We continue to conduct four international competitions: the Robert Phillips Poetry Chapbook Prize for best poetry chapbook of up to thirty-two pages, the X. J. Kennedy Poetry Prize for a full-length collection of poems, the George Garrett Fiction Prize for a short novel or collection of stories, and the newly named Clay Reynolds Novella Prize for best novella. In addition, we publish books each year that focus on the area or region, and we publish several books by Texas writers each year, usually in both poetry and fiction.

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Kimberly Davis

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By William Baer
paper / 978-1-933896-19-9 / $5.00
Bocage” and Other Sonnets is a collection of meticulously crafted sonnets that take a hard-edged, uncompromising look at human behavior—like the man trapped in an elevator with his ... More
Michael Gills
paper / 978-1-933896-70-0 / $18.95
“The Death of Bonnie and Clyde” and Other Stories follows the trail of its wayward characters down the Delta back roads, crossing paths with Hernando DeSoto--hands bloodied by ... More
Jeff Worley
paper / 978-1-937875-41-1 / $10.95
“In A Little Luck, Jeff Worley presents that rarest of commodities—a voice encyclopedic in its attentions, clever, self-aware, and deeply likeable. Worley’s humor throughout is dark and smart, his ... More
Fernando C. Gomez
hardcover / 978-1-933896-73-1 / $75.00
To our students, that they know upon whose shoulders they stand;
To our faculty, that they may see the lives they have shaped;
To our alumni, that they may remember

Karla K. Morton
paper / 978-1-68003-087-7 / $10.95
This book features Morton's best work to date from her ten collections. While her poems range in style, topic and region, they capture each universal emotion, delving into ... More
William Orem
paper / 978-1-933896-35-9 / $5.00
Set over the course of one winter at a hospital in Washington, Across the River is a linked series of stories about the trials of the body and their ... More
By Thomas Cobb
paper / 978-1-881515-59-3 / $16.95
Sarah Cortez
paper / 978-1-68003-109-6 / $16.95
The poems of Sarah Cortez flex lean muscles to build lyric intensity and a gripping edginess often backlit by an incandescent, controlled eroticism. Cortez reveals the hidden underworld ... More

Anis Shivani

flexbound (with flaps) / 978-1-933896-72-4 / $10.00
Against the Workshop is the first sustained critique of twenty-first century literary production in America under the MFA/creative writing program infrastructure. Since earlier critics like John Aldridge wrote ... More
Christopher M. Hannan
paper / 978-1-68003-022-8 / $8.95
The poems in Alluvial Cities are drawn from this layered landscape's geology and history, its people and language, and the kindred ties between earth and water, flesh and ... More