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About Texas A&M University Press

Founded in 1974, Texas A&M University Press is the principal publishing arm of one of this nation’s leading research institutions. The Press's primary mission is to select, produce, market, and disseminate scholarly publications of outstanding quality and originality and thereby help the University achieve its paramount purposes of teaching, research, public service, and dissemination of the results of scholarly inquiry. In conjunction with the long-term development of its editorial program, the Press draws on and supports the intellectual activities of the University and reflects the standards and stature of scholarship that are fostered by this institution.

The Press falls under the administrative aegis of the Provost, the chief academic officer of the University, and is an integral part of its parent institution. The Press imprint is controlled by an Advisory Committee composed of senior members of the University's faculty, who are chosen for their own scholarly acumen and publishing experience. Manuscripts, whether by outside authors or by members of the Texas A&M faculty (currently around 15 percent of our total author list), must have been reviewed favorably by both the Press's director and editorial staff and at least two experts in that field before being submitted to the Faculty Advisory Committee for approval. Of the hundreds of manuscripts and proposals that come to the Press each year, most do not survive this rigorous selection process.

The Press’s editorial interests span a range of significant fields, including Texas, Western, Southern, military, environmental, ethnic, women’s, and political history; borderlands studies; natural science and history; agriculture; anthropology; nautical archaeology; consumer health; and Texas arts and culture. Many of these fields of interest reflect outstanding departmental and programmatic strengths at Texas A&M University. Overall, the Press seeks to maintain high standards in traditional areas of academic inquiry while also exploring innovative fields of research and new forms of scholarly communication.

The Press currently publishes sixty new titles a year in these fields. Of the total of 1,000 books published by the Press in its forty-year history, the great majority remain in print or are available in on-demand and electronic editions. Through the Texas Book Consortium, the Press markets and distributes nearly a thousand additional titles published by eight other institutions in this region, including TCU Press, the University of North Texas Press, Texas State Historical Association Press, Texas Review Press at Sam Houston State University, State House/McWhiney Foundation Press, Stephen F. Austin State University Press, Winedale Publishing, and Shearer Publishing. Both the Press’s own inventory and distributed books from the Consortium members, which combine for a grand total of more than 1.1 million units, are housed in the Press’s excellent facility, the John H. Lindsey Building, which also provides office and meeting space for the Press’s staff of twenty-one full-time employees.

Throughout its history, the Press has enjoyed an extraordinary level of support from the entire Texas A&M community, and that support has been essential to the Press’s growth and success.

The Texas A&M Press Advancement Board, which includes former students as well as other friends and admirers of the Press, provide ideas, encouragement, and tangible support for the Press’s publishing program.


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Joel Ira Holwitt
cloth / 978-1-60344-083-7 / $37.50
paper / 978-1-62349-061-4 / $19.95

“ . . . until now how the Navy managed to instantaneously move from the overt legal restrictions of the naval arms treaties that bound submarines to ... More

Edited by Jerry Cullum Cooper '63
Foreword by Col. Michael Edward Fossum '80
cloth / 978-1-62349-600-5 / $40.00 s
What began in the 1880s, when former students gathered to live over again their college days, became in the 1940s the sacred tradition of current and former students ... More
By Ray Miles
paper / 978-1-58544-399-4 / $19.95
A legend among oilmen, Tom Slick was an independent operator in the truest sense. His office was his car during his early days of wildcatting the Mid-Continent oil ... More
By Robin Higham
cloth / 978-1-58544-241-6 / $50.00
In Aviation and Air Power in the Twentieth Century Robin Higham, regarded by many as the dean of aviation historians, presents a critical history of British, American, Soviet, German, Italian, ... More
By Lon Tinkle
paper / 978-0-89096-707-2 / $12.95
In thirteen chapters, Lon Tinkle tells the day-by-day story of how 182 men fought a losing battle but won for their cause an almost unparalleled measure of fame.


By James Talmadge Moore
cloth / 978-1-58544-139-6 / $39.95 s
The story of the Catholic church in Texas parallels the story of Europeans in the state. But to many people, the early history of the Texas Catholic church ... More
Arturo Longoria
paper / 978-1-62349-486-5 / $15.95
In a little-known area of South Texas, extending across the Rio Grande into Mexico, a mysterious, lush land once harbored mighty trees, bushes, and grasses--brushland home to a ... More
By T. Lindsay Baker and Billy R. Harrison
Foreword by B. Byron Price
hardcover / 978-0-89096-243-5 / $49.95 s
paper / 978-1-58544-176-1 / $29.95 s
In the spring of 1874 a handful of men and one women set out for the Texas Panhandle to seek their fortunes in the great buffalo hunt. Moving ... More
Edited by L. Garry Adams
cloth / 978-0-89096-447-7 / $39.95 x
By John L. Tveten and Gloria Tveten
cloth / 978-1-58544-541-7 / $26.95
Polar bears in the high Arctic. Butterflies on Mexico’s mountains. Gray whales in Baja California. Golden toads in Costa Rica. Parrots in the West Indies. Albatrosses off the ... More