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To Bataan and Back

The World War II Diary of Major Thomas Dooley
Transcribed and edited by Jerry C. Cooper, with John A. Adams Jr. and Henry C. Dethloff
The Aggie tradition of Muster stretches back to the earliest days of the college. But an extraordinary Muster took place during World War II that would change and further hallow the service thereafter. In the spring of 1942, with Japanese forces poised to overrun the ...

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Trammel's Trace

The First Road to Texas from the North
Gary L. Pinkerton
Trammel’s Trace tells the story of a borderlands smuggler and an important passageway into early Texas.

Trammel’s Trace, named for Nicholas Trammell, was the first route from the United States into the northern boundaries of Spanish Texas. From the Great Bend of the


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