Fiestas in Laredo

Matachines, Quinceañeras, and George Washington's Birthday

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352 pp. 8 color and 27 b-w Illus.
Pub Date: 05/15/2024
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This book celebrates the many types of fiestas found in the border community of Laredo, Texas. Told from an insider’s perspective and blending memoir, ethnography, and a folkloristic analysis, the author explores the meaning of the celebrations for the community. 

Norma E. Cantú focuses on three fiestas. Los Matachines, as a grassroots, faith-based celebration, incorporates elements drawing on indigenous religiosity from various Indigenous groups in Mexico as well as from the material conditions of the community where the dancers live and work. The quinceañera has transformed from a small family celebration to a number of larger, more public iterations, including a multifaceted grand event. The George Washington’s Birthday celebration has perplexed many scholars and outsiders, but it remains a steadfast celebration that brings together diverse sectors of the community.

Texas Folklore Society Extra Book

Published by University of North Texas Press