Rear Admiral Schley

An Extraordinary Life at Sea and on Shore

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Pub Date: 03/10/2023


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The career of Rear Admiral Winfield Scott Schley, unfolding on land and sea, offers a compelling account of a pivotal time in the history of the US Navy and maritime warfare. Remembered chiefly for his role in the in Spanish-American War, Schley led the US Navy to victory at the Battle of Santiago, was promoted to rear admiral, then found himself accused of timidity and cowardliness in battle and subject to a controversial Court of Inquiry. The dispute and its resolution, known as the Sampson-Schley Controversy, impact the navy to this day.
Schley graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1860 and advanced quickly through the ranks. After fighting in the Civil War, sailing the seven seas, and visiting many foreign countries, he played a vital part in the formation of the “New Steel Navy” as the fleet converted from the era of sail to steam.
In Rear Admiral Schley: An Extraordinary Life at Sea and on Shore, Robert A. Jones tells a stirring tale of a remarkable commander whose cool-headed courage under fire and in hand-to-hand combat made him a highly respected leader whom men would follow willingly. His skills and proven leadership led to his being asked to conduct diplomatic missions in several countries, to supervise ship construction, to direct two lighthouse districts, to intervene in a civil war in Chile, and to lead the famous mission to rescue the Greely Arctic expedition.
This meticulously researched biography will shed additional light on the career of an illustrious, if previously lesser-known leader who helped shape the US Navy we know today.

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