Historic Buildings of Waco, Texas

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320 pp. 94 color photos. 4 maps. 2 appendixes. Bib. Index.
Pub Date: 06/02/2023


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Community life takes place in the spaces where business is transacted, where worship and fellowship take place, where goods and services are purchased, where students are educated, and where working and professional people ply their trades. In Historic Buildings of Waco, Texas, architectural historian Kenneth Hafertepe delves into the stories behind 90 such structures in Waco, discussing their original and current-day purposes, the individuals associated with them, and their context within the architecture of the city and state.
As with his previous, award-winning books, Hafertepe has investigated archives, city directories, public records, and other sources to uncover fascinating details about the architects, builders, merchants, educators, and others whose work gave these buildings shape and substance and whose use gave them life. He discusses the styles, sketches the historical circumstances surrounding the buildings and their occupants, and actualizes the social, commercial, spiritual, and educational enrichment these structures housed and facilitated. Churches, synagogues, skyscrapers, banks, filling stations, and even the famous “silos” that now mark the location of Magnolia Market, made famous by the television series Fixer-Uppers, all factor into Hafertepe’s scholarly and entertaining treatment, accompanied by rich, full-color photography.

Published by Texas A&M University Press