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352 pp. 11 figures. 9 Tables. Index.
Pub Date: 04/23/2024


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No disease has upended life more in the past fifty years than COVID-19. As the pandemic unfolded, coeditors Christine Crudo Blackburn and Gerald W. Parker saw how many areas of society are impacted and how those impacts can ripple through to other sectors.

Seeking to provide both warnings of these vulnerabilities and direction for future efforts to address them, Blackburn and Parker have assembled a cross-disciplinary, multinational team of researchers and writers to provide a critical look at the global response—success or failure—to the COVID-19 pandemic. Consequences of COVID-19: A One Health Approach to the Responses, Challenges and Lessons Learned reviews the multiple implications of COVID-19 for society: in public health research, in education, in human-animal interaction, in public policy, in media and online information, and in domestic and international economic considerations. Perhaps even more critically, this well-rounded analysis reviews the lessons learned to offer constructive directions for future research, policymaking, and education.

This important compendium will serve as a benchmark for the study of and preparedness for potential future public health crises such as COVID-19. As Blackburn notes in her conclusion, “this will not be the last pandemic. It may not even be the last pandemic in our lifetime.”

Published by Texas A&M University Press