Poems of an Oregon Goldminer's Son

978-1-62288-202-1 Paperback
6 x 9 x 0 in
100 pp.
Pub Date: 08/06/2019


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A contemplation on small remnants scattered across the grounds of memories, Tailings retrieves the intimate thoughts and stories from the son of a gold miner. This beautifully rendered collection travels across the rustic crevices of a contemporary America, and author Jerry Williams presents and analyzes fragments of life and loss, shaping himself through childhood memories of raspberry bushes, pickup trucks, and hospital beds. Through a rumination on portraits, a study of self, and an unearthing of stories, Tailings is balanced in philosophy and storytelling, illustrating the identity of a sociologist, a cancer survivor, and an Oregon goldminer’s son.

Published by Stephen F. Austin University Press