Recipes From and For the Garden

How to Use and Enjoy Your Bountiful Harvest

By Judy Barrett

Illustrated by Victor Z. Martin

978-1-60344-578-8 Flexbound (with Flaps)
6 x 8.5 x 0 in
128 pp. 31 watercolors. Index.
Pub Date: 04/03/2012


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 Veteran gardener Judy Barrett offers readers more than a hundred simple recipes for using, enjoying, and enhancing the bounty of their gardens. These easy recipes—some old family favorites, others created by Barrett, and still others from cooks and gardeners she admires—encourage home gardening for everyone.

In her familiar and relaxed style, Barrett shows readers how to use the plentiful harvests of common vegetables (such as beans, squashes, cucumbers, and peppers), how to experiment with more exotic plants (like ginger and jujubes), and what to prepare for the freezer or pantry once the growing season has ended. From bean and tomato salsa to lemon meringue pie, the ingredients are straightforward and the instructions uncomplicated.

Barrett also shares gardening tips and ideas for using what you have grown in the garden to help take care of your house, yourself, and—coming full circle—your garden itself. With suggestions for everything from making your own personal care products to a variety of ways to create natural pesticides, plant food, and compost, Barrett ends by showing how you can give back a little of what your garden gave to you. Recipes From and For the Garden will delight all who enjoy their plants, whether potted patio tomatoes or a backyard vegetable patch.

W. L. Moody Jr. Natural History Series

Published by Texas A&M University Press